ANNOUNCEMENT: Corcoran Communications, Inc. is now Webber Communications, Inc.
We are pleased to announce the change of our business name from Corcoran Communications, Inc. to Webber Communications, Inc. The transition has been seamless with no changes to the way business is transacted while relying on the same team and personal working relationships that you have had in the past. You may continue to depend on the high quality products and service on which we have built our reputation in the higher education community. Exciting things are happening! Be sure and check back soon for the new or email us for additional information.
Let us help you improve the return on your marketing investment with well-crafted research tools.
Experience conceptual development that leads to eye-catching designs and measurable results.
Our adaptive products allow you to reach large markets or small subsets, economically and efficiently.
Maximize your marketing efforts with well-supported and cohesive collateral initiatives in digital or print production.

Marketing Solutions for Higher Education


Attract new students. Speak their lingo. We work with your institution to produce a comprehensive enrollment package that celebrates your distinct character. We want to find your unique voice, so everyone will be singing along.
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Generate lasting connections. Inspire energizing philanthropy. We develop relevant communication initiatives to meet the needs of your institutional advancement efforts. We want to keep you moving forward, in a sustainable and thriving way.
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Understand your audience. Achieve your goals. We provide innovative research solutions tailored to your institution’s specific needs to better assess your market and improve your performance. We want you to be you, only better.
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With more than 35 years as specialists in the field, we certainly understand your deadlines. If you would like us to generate a proposal for your upcoming project, submit your RFP for a quick and tailored response to your needs.

Since 1980, Corcoran Communications brings decades of knowledge and provides premium-quality branding experiences, creative solutions, and marketing strategies for the higher education community nationwide.