Our Philosophy

Before we begin each project, we return to our mission statement to reinforce the goals of our working relationship with you. As college marketing specialists, we are guided by these six fundamental precepts:

Begin with the end in mind; be results-driven.

Because results are the “bottom line” in any marketing effort, our first step is to achieve a clear understanding of your enrollment management objectives.

Throughout our working relationship we will continue to be results-driven. At each step we will ask ourselves, “How will the solutions we are proposing help to achieve your goals?”

Define each institution’s strategic position in the higher education market.

We develop marketing solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation and objectives. Your voice and vision will be evident in the marketing communications program we design.

Targeted audiences will appreciate your strategic position, thereby ensuring a better “fit” between your institution and the student. “Fit” correlates directly to retention rates, and ultimately graduation rates.

Create effective marketing solutions.

We conduct careful research. Members of the Corcoran team will conduct focus group interviews on your campus to identify key components of the message of your communications program.

We present strategic recommendations. We provide a summary of our conclusions and illustrate the visual and editorial direction we propose.

We create your marketing communications. Having obtained your approval, we will then carry to completion each component of your program.

Attain maximum value from client resources.

The integrated marketing approach we propose will enable you to make the most efficient use of your personnel, time, and budget resources. We are always searching for a better way to get the most for your money.

Deliver superior and innovative services and products.

Our creative team continually wins design awards. But design awards don’t necessarily win prospective students. We develop creative communications packages that get results for our clients.

Provide an unparalleled level of value-added service.

We are committed to serving our clients. We want to create publications that exceed expectations and will do whatever it takes to meet that requirement.

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