Sure, anyone can say they are great. But how do you really know? We take pride in the fact we have developed long-term relationships with several of our clients for more than 25 years, providing consistent, quality-based products. But don't take our word for it, take theirs.

Seth Gunderson

2011 Judge’s Choice ADDY Award
Ahhh, the joys of choosing which college to attend. But how can one choose when every brochure shows campuses full of coeds having fun everywhere they go — classrooms, dorms, even the cafeteria while receiving a helping of green beans. Honestly, seeing happy students doesn’t make a college brochure engaging. Know what does? Crisp design and tons of visually interesting facts about the college itself. This piece of work for College of the Ozarks stands out in the sea of sameness that is higher education collateral. Here’s a standing ovation to the College of the Ozarks for trying something different to ensure more eyes focus on their university.

Erica Harris

Director of Admissions, University of the Cumberlands (KY)
To anyone looking for a company that can help tell your story, I highly recommend Corcoran Communications! Their process of planning and executing the concept helped create materials that we could not have envisioned. From research and interviews to focus groups with students, it is a well thought out process designed to gain valuable insight and information. On each project, from start to finish, we experienced expertise, professionalism, cooperation, enthusiasm and a personal interest. Having done business with Corcoran since the late eighties, they have become like family.

Stacie Mulso

Admissions, Southwest Minnesota State University (MN)
I have truly enjoyed working with Corcorans. The expertise of your team is second to none, it is very apparent that you are leaders in your field. It was great to receive guidance from a team who has been successfully providing marketing solutions for higher education for over 30 years. I want to thank you for your willingness to tailor your expertise to our needs and for keeping our individual circumstances in mind when presenting new products. We’ve had so many compliments on our new recruitment materials, thank you!

Scott Baumler

Dean of Admissions, Mount Mercy University (IA)
The team at Corcoran Communications not only coordinates the logistics of our projects efficiently and effectively, they also provide invaluable guidance and advice. Their insights, connections, and encouragement are much appreciated. They add value beyond the mechanics of project management — they successfully contribute to the long-term goals of our institution. This type of on-target, value-added service is exactly why we will continue to work with Corcoran Communications. I compliment their team on their dynamic initiatives, integrated approach to marketing, and forward-looking strategies. If you need a solution, they’ll help you find it.

Mark Hovestol

President, Oak Hills Bible College (MN)
I want to express my great appreciation for the excellent job done by Corcoran Communications on our college promotional pieces. I was particularly pleased with your creativity, innovation and ability to communicate the distinctives of Oak Hills Bible College. We feel that the quality is superb, and everything was handled in an efficient and timely manner. It was a pleasure to work with you and all of the staff of Corcoran who made these projects possible.

Robert Jones

Vice President of Community Affairs, Oklahoma City Community College (OK)
I thought you would be very pleased to see some of the results of your consulting services to Oklahoma City Community College. As you can see from the enclosed chart, enrollment has taken a dramatic upturn particularly this last semester. I found working with you and your associates very rewarding.

Fran Emmons

Director of Admissions, Philadelphia College of Bible (PA)
It is with great appreciation that I write this letter. The viewbook is complete and beautiful, as well as being an accurate representation of Philadelphia College of Bible. From beginning to end, the Corcoran staff was extremely helpful, willing to listen while offering valuable advice, with a professionalism rarely encountered. Thanks for the time taken for research. The interviews and focus groups to determine PCB’s message were very effective. The “give and take” in the actual design process was also appreciated. Thanks again for a job well done!

Barb Merkle

Director of Admissions, Midwestern State University (TX)
Coming into a position in college admissions that allowed me to approve publication pieces was something that I had no background past being an editor in high school for the yearbook. Midwestern State University has had a long tenured working relationship with Corcoran Communications. The professional working relationship has continued for decades because no one else does it with such a hard work ethic and put an ease to our side of the production.

MSU depends on Corcoran Communication to showcase our message. This company takes the time to learn about the relationship we want to have with the prospective student and showcases the University using publication pieces that sell that message.

In my twenty plus years in college admissions, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many companies that want to sell their production staff and product. I’m ‘sold’ on staying with Corcoran Communications because they know MSU, they have helped initiate the message in the format we love to showcase our University. From photography, to blue line, Corcoran makes it easier than anyone in the industry to produce what my admissions officer need to introduce our University to prospective students and their parents.

And the fact that Tom Corcoran always takes the time to personally visit the campus to introduce the new publications makes my staff feel that they are worth the efforts his company takes to make Midwestern State University an option when prospects look at higher education. The publication pieces produced by Corcorans are used not only for prospective students but all faculty and staff have access to use them when they want to introduce MSU to anyone.

Marci Linson

Dean of Admissions, College of the Ozarks (MO)
Corcoran Communications is wonderful to work with. As a Corcoran client of over twenty years I can confidently recommend this company. Corcorans makes me feel as though I am their only customer; the folks there are THAT caring, kind, attentive, and just overall, amazing. Not only are the professionals at Corcorans pleasant, they are top-notch in their field. The creative team and production professionals at Corcorans do an amazing job of staying up-to-date and on the cutting edge of print-media and pass that expertise on to their customers. I have bid our admissions print literature jobs to other well-known companies, but have always chosen Corcorans.

Brian Doe

Director of International Admissions, Mercer University (GA)
Everything that I’ve done with Corcorans has been excellent. The creative team can take a basic idea and make it better than I ever envisioned. This is one of the main reasons I like Corcorans.

Todd Brown

Director of Admissions, Schreiner College (TX)
I enjoyed working with Corcoran’s creative team because they were responsive and quick. The graphic design not only met my expectations, but was also unique and creative.

Sue Douglas

Director of Public Information, Edison State College (FL)
It is so nice to have a working relationship with someone who is not only a great friend, but also knows how to go about getting something done. Thanks for all of your great help!

George Lynes

(While Dean at Bloomfield College) I thought you might like to know how pleased we’ve been with the superb publications Corcoran Communications has produced for us this year. The search piece, viewbook and campus visit brochure have been received extremely well by all who’ve seen them, especially prospective students and their families.

(While Dean at Elms College) Working with Corcorans has been a pleasure, indeed. Your staff has been most cordial and helpful (not to mention patient!) and the quality of their work is extraordinary; during my 30 years in the college admission business I’ve not experienced the kind of cooperation and concern Corcorans has shown. Needless to say, I look forward to working with your firm in the future. Thanks for everything!

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