Strategic initiatives will be developed from campus interviews, electronic surveys, and independent studies. The goal of this process will be to develop relevant, targeted materials that will build long-lasting relationships between your intended audience and your institution.

Probe. Challenge. Discover. Assess.

We begin with the end goal in mind. So allow the professionals at Corcorans to apply their many years of experience to your institutional challenges. In working with advancement officers, Corcorans has implemented some of of the following services in the development of advancement initiatives. If you are seeking a service not listed below, we are only a call or click away:

  • Advancement Assessment
  • Competitor Comparisons & Communication Timelines
  • Cost-Effective Strategies
  • Publication Audits
  • Audience assessment/Focus Groups
  • Planning & Maximizing Photo Budgets

For more in depth consultation services visit our Research & Strategy page.

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