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Technology seems to change just as fast as we can get used to it. As marketers, we are always trying to stay up on the latest technologies so we can reach consumers through as many channels as possible. We do this to increase response rates and to interact with consumers at the deepest level possible. Here at Corcoran Communications, we are making use of a cutting-edge technology called Cross-Media. This article will go in to what Cross-Media is and how we use it.

What is Cross-Media?
As the name may suggest to you, the purpose of Cross-Media is to link two or more media sources together, which will integrate your marketing efforts together and give your marketing campaigns more presence. Generally, Cross-Media links one marketing source with another online marketing source. By using powerful analytics, this makes the information trackable. Corcoran offers a customizable version of this product that is sure to fit any higher education need you may have.

How Corcoran Uses Cross-Media
Since Corcoran specializes in higher education marketing, the target market that we are trying to help our clients reach is a potential student. In order to attract students to come to the universities that we market for, we try to start a dialogue with potential students in which they can give feedback. We give each prospective student an individualized URL. When they visit this pURL, they will be prompted to fill out information about themselves. This information can range anywhere from the type of pizza they like, to the major that they plan on pursuing while in college. At the end of the survey that will help you get to know the needs or prospective students on a more individualized basis, they will be asked to give updates contact information, so that you can send them more information on your school based on their preferences and interests. This will allow you to more effectively target prospective students based on their needs and interests, while also allowing you to track their engagement with your school.

Why Use Cross-Media?
As we do find ourselves in a digital age, it is increasingly important as marketers to reach consumers on many levels. Doing so will increase response rates because it is easier and more convenient for consumers to respond. Not only will connecting your marketing efforts to a digital platform increase your responses, but it will also allow you to track those responses more easily and efficiently. You will have digital records of what consumers responded, when they responded, how long they were interacting with your marketing materials, and much more information that you would not otherwise have access to. This can allow you to zero in on specific attributes on individuals that will help define your target market and what the patterns are within that target market. This will deliver more qualified leads and a more interested consumer.

It is clear that Cross-Media is a new tool that will increase in popularity in the near future. If you are in the business of higher education and this marketing solution seems like something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact Corcoran Communications by phone at (800) 373-3752 or via email at

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