Cross-Media Marketing

Do you have a long conversation period with your prospects, or a short one? Do you need help in defining how and when to reach your target market? Are you seeking a firm who isn’t just interested in recruiting freshmen, but envisions your prospective students as active on campus, successful graduates, and becoming dedicated alums?

Let us put our Cross-Media team to work for you and your institution. Harnessing the power of digital and print production technologies in tandem, we can design a data-driven process to shape and refine your conversation with your target prospects. Our product is affordable and has built in flexibility. You and your staff will appreciate the personalized (yet automated) features that combine the preferred methods of communication for a variety of audiences. The bottom line, our service assists you and your staff in refining your admissions funnel early, creating the opportunity for you to identify and spend quality time with prospects who demonstrate the most potential to matriculate.

If you would like to learn more about Corcorans Cross-Media service with our powerful and unique analytic tools, we can arrange for a private webinar at your convenience. Contact us to schedule a webinar.

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