Understand your audience. Achieve your goals. We provide innovative research solutions tailored to your institution’s specific needs to better assess your market and improve your performance. We want you to be you, only better.

When it comes to long-range strategic planning, access to key information about your institution is vital.
Corcoran Communications offers essential services such as:

  • On-campus visits and assessment of your key constituencies.
  • Recommendations on the most effective manner in which to proceed.
  • Individually designed surveys of your targeted populations administered electronically, by mail and/or telephone.
  • Inclusion of your raw data and statistical tables for comparative purposes.
  • Delivery of your results in the form of a personal presentation accompanied by electronic and/or print documentation.

Do you have the tools you need to steer your institution in the right direction?
Compare what you know against these essential questions:

  • Is the perception of your institution a reality?
  • How do peer institutions perceive your school?
  • Are you getting the most from your geodemographic recruiting efforts?
  • Can your admissions and recruitment processes be streamlined or enhanced?
  • Do you really know who the competition is?
  • Are you making the best use of financial resources in attracting the right prospects?
  • Do you have timely and accessible data from current student-satisfaction surveys?
  • Can you define your position on the retention issues of your institution?
  • Are you aware of the satisfaction index of your alumni and what drives their level of participation or lack of interest?
  • Do you know the economic impact your institution has on your city or state and how this information can benefit you?

If you do not have definitive answers to these essential questions, it is
time to visit with the research and consulting professionals at Corcorans!

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